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21 and over.

Email us for exceptions if 18 with a parent

Parties larger than 8 are NOT allowed in the MacDougal Street location and no larger than 4 in the Fat Black Pussy Cat location.

Our space is limited intimate and cozy. Even if split into multiple reservations we find that parties larger than this are usually noisy (even without meaning to be) and this disrupts the show. Multiple reservations resulting in groups larger than this will also not be honored. Over the years we have found this to be an essential rule to follow. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Two item minimum per person.

Food or drink or bottle of water.

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    We cannot take anymore reservations for this show.

    In order to avoid overbooking, remaining seats will be given out at the Comedy Cellar at show time. If you would like to attend this show, we encourage you to come down shortly before show time for seats. Seating is first-come first-serve AFTER our confirmed reservations are seated, so you must check in with the host as soon as you arrive to secure your position in line. You have a good chance of getting a seat, but we CANNOT guarantee that there will be room for you.

    CHECK OUT: Time Out New York article on our Village Underground room (right around the corner).

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    Frank customer feedback is essential to our success. After the show, can we text you a request for your comments? We will never use the number again.

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    2 item minimum per person.

    Food or Drink or bottle of water.

    Individual comedian appearance subject to change without notice.

    But! We often have great stars dropping in without notice, so we feel it kinda evens itself out. In any event, all our shows are great so we are confident you’ll enjoy yourself.

    All of our shows are phone free!

    We ask all guests to place their phones and smart watches into the pouches we provide (you will of course maintain possession of them) for the duration of the show.

    AM shows (after midnight) are the LATE NIGHT shows of the day chosen.

    For example: the Saturday 12:15 AM show is technically Sunday morning but it is the still the Saturday late show.


    Friday & Saturday:
    All Shows

    All Shows

    (Except: New Joke Night Show: $10)

     Tuesday & Wednesday:
    All Shows

    (Except: Hot Soup Comedy Show: $20
    and The Chemistry Set: $20)

     Thursday & Sunday:
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     Holidays & Special Events:

    If you encounter any issue please call us at 212-254-3480 or reach us through our contact form.

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