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Joe Matarese's podcast Fixing Joe, is available every Friday on iTunes, and everywhere else you can find podcasts. Joe's podcast show's format continues to evolve. True to its beginnings, every week Joe shares a specific problem he’s having in his life in talk show format. New to this season, Joe starts each episode with brand new, under development, live standup on that week's topic, giving fans a window into how his everyday struggles feed his comedy. He then brings the issue of the week to a comedian round table, fields phone calls from listeners who call into share their experiences and give Joe advice, and usually ends the show with some of his classic stand up bits on topic. Over the first two seasons of Fixing Joe, there have been over 300 episodes with guests like Craig Ferguson, Artie Lange, Jay Mohr, Phil Rosenthal, and even Robert Romanus, otherwise known as Damone from one of Joe's all time favorite movies: Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Season 3 brings more of Joe's comedy to his fans while keeping the real-life issues and poignant moments of previous seasons. As always, Joe keeps hoping that by fixing him, you fix a little of yourself at the same time.

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Special Valentines Day Relationship Podcast Mashup show with Fixing Joe with Joe Matarese, Comedy Metal Midgets with Jim Florentine, The Virzi Effect with Paul Virzi

All 3 Podcasts on stage at once mashing it up! 


*** Line-up subject to change


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